CPL Media Group, a company owned by Michelle Larkin has filed a lawsuit in the United States Southern District Court of Florida against Irving Frieberg and his family, alleging, among other things, theft of data and illegal transferring of funds for personal gain. CPL Media Group has been under scrutiny lately by the affiliate marketing community for their inability to pay their affiliate and publisher bills, and this lawsuit seems to address these issues — putting the financial blame solely at Freiberg.

According to the lawsuit, Larkin had created CPL Media Group on the advice of Freiberg, who had impressed them with his “Bentley convertible..and expensive Jewelry” and his claims that he “ had contacts with a website developer and management firm in India and that with his connections and knowledge, there were opportunities for developing an internet based business in the United States.”

The lawsuit states that Freiberg, while acting as a contractor for CPL Media, requested that CPL Media’s clients wire him money directly instead of CPL Media. The suit also claims he had access to all of the consumer data via iContact and ExactTarget and has stolen those accounts, and has denied access to those accounts and others. Larkin also is claiming that accounts at HitPath, Facebook, various domain names, and servers were hijacked by Freiberg in order to defraud CPL Media Group and Larkin.

The most interest claim in the lawsuit is that, Freiberg who had already been convicted of fraud before had been planning this fraud from the start and had registered similar domains and created secondary affiliate accounts before the business launched.

Copy of the lawsuit is attached below.

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