Facebook Bans Affiliates from Free Ad APIs


In Facebook’s continued fight against the evil which is Affiliate Networks, they have announced a new policy sent to all Advertising Partners, which prohibits Affiliate Networks and Affiliates from using free versions of any Facebook advertising API application.

This basically means that affiliates are no longer allowed to test drive many of the advertising buying and optimization systems that exist for Facebook. The reason given according to an insider who forward this new policy, is that Facebook doesn’t “want affiliates to use free trial accounts from api partners to get around their policies and create lots of ads that will be a burden for their people to approve/disapprove etc.”

 Freemium policy
If you offer a free and/or trial version of an Ads API-enabled application, you must a) allow no more than 50 ad creations per day, per customer; b) require phone and/or email verification for all new accounts; c) prohibit affiliate networks from using your technology; and d) implement a mechanism to gate accounts that violate our policies.

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