(PMI-TV) CDN’s Improve SEO, Increase Conversions


Content delivery networks help webmasters increase their site load times. According to David Henzel of CDN NetDNA, this has a number of advantages, for example, site acceleration has a direct impact on a site’s conversion rate. It does this by hosting your site’s heavy content, like images, on local servers. This means that a user in San Francisco does not have to wait for a video from India to travel halfway across the world before they can see it.

CDN’s like NetDNA also give sites another big advantage: SEO. Google and other search engines favor sites with fast load times, which means that videos and large images could slow down a site. However, they only count for search engine load time if they’re on the same domain as the main website. By using a content delivery network, you’re hosting the video on another domain so Google does not count it against how long it takes for your site to load.

Performance Marketing Insider uses one of NetDNA’s Services.

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