Affiliates MUST attend ADTECH


November 8-10th in NYC, held at the worst convention center in the world (no hotels, no restaurants in the area) will be ADTECH. Many affiliates do not attend ADTECH feeling that it is not for the affiliate industry; thinking that the lack of training, affiliate centric topics will make it a boring event.  They are wrong, and in fact missing perhaps one of the top opportunities to really learn about the industry and grow their business.  ADTECH in fact may be one of the best opportunities for affiliates and here are my thoughts on it:

1)   First, the idea that the affiliate industry is separate from the rest of the industry is turning out to be a complete fallacy. The new term, as you may know, is Performance Marketing, and with being a more mature industry, comes more mature technologies. The rest of the industry is embracing Performance Marketing as a method to reach consumers and they are looking for people to help them. Go to ADTECH with your experience, with your resume, and perhaps you’ll get a good consulting gig or project that uses your expertise to make a lot of money.

2)   New Media Buying Opportunities are always launched at ADTECH. Don’t wait until your favorite blogger tells you that some new system is a good platform to buy media. Find out for yourself what is up and coming and more importantly where there is cheap inventory. If you are an experienced media buyer, ADTECH is a cornucopia of untapped inventory. New companies especially are looking for someone to help them monetize inventory and you never know, you might become their main source for affiliate campaigns.

3)   Open your Mind & Brainstorm. Being an affiliate is a great job, but what is better is coming out with product that everyone can use. Don’t fall into the trap of being just an “affiliate” who follows other – but instead learn to create things and think outside the box.  ADTECH is an amazing place to really learn about technologies and opportunities that exist and then think about applications for the affiliate industry. If you create a product or method that you can pass to other affiliates and more importantly, works, you’ll find yourself beyond any “super-affiliate.”

Last of all, the floor is absolutely free if you register. Register now, get an exhibition pass, and you can walk the floor all day, pick up all the pens, plushy mascots and flashlights you want.

Don’t forget to register for The Official CPAWAY KickAss Party @ Adtech

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