Would You Like Fries With That? – Effective use of cross-sales


Marketers do it.  Every marketer I’ve known does it.  I’m referring to the never-ending sale.  You’ve got your sale and then you have your up-sale but you can’t forget your cross-sale, down-sale, and…well you get it.

It’s not that I’m knocking the idea of maximizing customer value as quickly as possible.  As long as everything is transparent between you and the consumers let the selling frenzy begin.  Bless you for being a good marketer and anticipating the consumer’s needs.

I’ve struggled with using cross-sales effectively though.  As a lead generator I have one very critical caution to keep in mind when adding cross-sales to my sites.  If I sell too much before my lead buyer speaks with the consumer then it could affect that consumers ability to buy from my client.  If my lead buyer does not make a normal number of sales that is a big problem for me.  So how much is too much when you are generating leads for your clients and not sales?  Or is too much the same regardless of the action you as the marketer get paid for by your primary advertiser?  In my case leads are normally called on in no more than an hour or two but even then the potential to damage sales with overly aggressive cross selling is very real.

My other big problem is that a lot of cross-sale offers wind up just being background noise to the consumers as they pass through my lead generation forms.  I don’t have the skills at this point to optimize the ads so I wind up wasting traffic and cluttering up my exit pages.  I finally decided that it’s time I asked someone for help with optimized exit offers.  My friend Sal Cacciato at Web Direct Media gave me a solution.  His proprietary system intelligently serves optimized advertisements and there’s no need for the consumer to leave my websites.  This means I can still satisfy my lead generation clients’ needs for customized confirmation page content while trying to make the most of the time I have with the consumer.  I can also have a say in the types of ads served up so it’s not like I lose the ability to protect lead quality.  I probably could have found other similar solutions.  It’s not that Sal’s doing something nobody else is doing but his system is pretty cutting edge as I understand it and best of all I know the guy behind it.  I can trust that I’m not just throwing traffic out there with the hope that I might get paid for it eventually.

Once I have results to share I will be including them in future posts here.  Also I’ll be happy to talk about what happens when I start using this system to monetize my exit traffic if anyone wants to reach out.

For now if you would like to know more about Sal’s company or his system you can reach him via email at sal@webdirectmedia.com or (516) 442-2766.

I am NOT promoting Sal’s company for commission and this is not a paid advertisement just so it’s clear.  I would be very happy though if he started some new conversations after being mentioned here.

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