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As part of my mission to educate affiliates and the industry, I’m hoping to introduce other companies in the industry that are keeping it clean. By keeping it clean, I don’t mean wiping down your seat after watching porn in your private office. I mean trying to play by the rules and make a difference in the industry. I have taken an interest in the company Peerfly and Chad French, mainly because I’m digging the guy’s hairstyle and goatee.

That being said, here’s my brief but interesting interview.

How did you personally get into Affiliate Marketing?
I’ve been in different aspects of affiliate marketing since 1999 but I didn’t really start making good money in performance marketing until 2007 while I was in the incentive space. I started building PeerFly in the fall of 2008 and the rest is history.

What makes Peerfly unique and interesting?
a) We don’t have a huge overhead so our profit margins are extremely small which creates the largest payouts.
b) Our platform is unmatched and we’re always adding new features. Publishers can even request specific CUSTOM features for their account. We have API feeds for everything (offers, stats, earnings).
c) We have a lifetime 5% publisher referral program. We’ve had it since day one and will continue to encourage our publishers to refer others. In 2009 we paid out nearly $100k in referral earnings.
d) We’ll do just about anything to get your business including taking a negative margin to beat payouts on another network, giving monthly rewards, or helping you setup your campaign on the weekend at 3am.

What does Peerfly look for in its affiliates?
Nothing really in particular but we will deny publishers who don’t meet certain standards. We accept new affiliates to this industry but they need to at least know what affiliate marketing is and have some sort of goals in place.

What is the most common fraud you’ve found in the industry, and what steps does Peerfly take to combat that?
We’ve successfully stomped out most of the common fraud that may infiltrate other networks by utilizing several elements of technology and screening measures. However, fraud can still sneak in and cause problems. Sometimes just one bogus publisher can ruin our relationship with a client so we have become extra strict when it comes to compliance. Our biggest method for catching fraudulent signups is ID uploads. We have become pretty familiar with most state IDs/Passports in the US/Canada (and other countries) and can spot a fake quickly. We also have an internal scoring system that gives a publisher a score based on over 20 different cross reference checks with known publishers/known fraudulent IPs. In addition to that, we have a full time compliance team who watches incoming traffic like a hawk.

If you could have any wish, what tool would you like seen made for affiliates?
We’ve got a lot of tools already integrated into our platform and we have lots of ideas that we will slowly be adding over the next several months. The great thing about having a custom platform and a full time developer is that anything our affiliates wish to have, we can create for them. Some of the things we’re working on right now would be an instant search for our offer inventory and more controls and transparency for our clients (which can mean even better service for our publishers).

What ideally would you like to teach brands about affiliate marketing?
Before we really attempt to attract the big brands I’d rather us work out our kinks as an industry and grow into something more reputable. We need to be backed by an association who can weed out the scammy networks and also fight for us in Washington. Until that happens, brands are going to continue pouring their advertising dollars into more conventional methods. However – when we get to that point – I predict there will be a huge boom in our industry to the likes we’ve never seen. How are the big brands going to turn down the opportunity to extend their sales force by tens of thousands and only pay for results? I think this practice speaks for itself and is unlike anything else out there in terms of getting results and seeing the best ROI.

Who is the sexiest affiliate manager that you’ve met?
My wife! (although she is technically in accounting)

Peerfly can be found here.

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