Walmart teams up with Innovid to deliver smarter TV ads: Say goodbye to boring commercials


Walmart is partnering with Innovid to help advertisers on its demand-side platform create more personalized and interactive ad creatives for connected TVs. Innovid will integrate its dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology into the Walmart DSP, allowing advertisers to optimize campaigns that deliver effective messages to consumers in real-time. The partnership is designed to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of CTV ad creative and provide independent ad serving to ensure the highest quality and consumer experience across all devices. The Walmart DSP measures both online and in-store performance, allowing marketers to reach millions of customers across inventory, optimize their media spend, and connect with consumers on platforms such as CTV.

Shoppable ads are a particularly hot topic, with Walmart launching a pilot program on Roku last year. The potential of shoppable ads rests largely with Gen Z, as the demographic is already accustomed to “click and subscribe” products and services. As for CTV, media investment on the platform is expected to rise almost 15% this year, according to IAB, which also predicted more buyers will turn to shoppable ads, retail media network ads, as well as data clean rooms.

Innovid’s technology will enable Walmart’s customers to create more personalized and relevant ad campaigns that drive better results while maintaining a seamless, efficient workflow. The partnership comes as companies work on making ads more appealing to consumers, with PadSquad being another player in the space that’s aiming to make more efficient shoppable and interactive ads for CTV. The company’s head of strategy and marketing recently revealed that it’s using Innovid’s technology to launch ad campaigns in seven to 10 days – a much shorter timeframe than the standard of three to six weeks.

With CTV advertising gaining traction and shoppable ads continuing to pique consumer interest, Walmart’s partnership with Innovid and other players in the space is a significant move towards creating more personalized, dynamic, and effective ad campaigns for the ever-growing number of consumers using connected TVs.

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