Comcast’s FreeWheel Offers New Unified Yield Set of Capabilities for Publishers


On Wednesday, Comcast’s FreeWheel unit announced a new set of capabilities called Unified Yield. Unified Yield automates optimization across guaranteed, direct IO, and non-guaranteed, programmatic demand in order to help publishers boost access to premium video inventory that’s usually inaccessible because of guaranteed deals. Here’s what you need to know about Comcast’s latest offering.

How Unified Yield Works
With Unified Yield, publishers are able to automatically prioritize programmatic demand and increase access to premium video inventory that would normally be out of reach due to guaranteed deals. The goal of the new tools is for publishers to have complete fluidity across all sales channels so they can maximize the value of their inventory without sacrificing any guaranteed deals.

In order to achieve this goal, FreeWheel has created a set of capabilities that includes:

  • Prioritizing programmatic deal ID assignments across VAST/VPAID/MRAID ad units in real-time
  • Allowing for the creation of custom revenue sharing arrangements for waterfall partners
  • Enabling unified reporting across all revenue channels
  • And more

Comcast’s Newest Offering in Action
In order to show how these capabilities can benefit publishers, FreeWheel has provided an example of how one publisher was able to use Unified Yield. The publisher in question has direct relationships with multiple SSPs but was only able to offer a limited amount of inventory through those relationships because the vast majority of it was already spoken for by guaranteed deals.

With Unified Yield, the publisher was able to automatically open up more inventory to the SSPs without having to sacrifice any of their existing deals. The result was an increase in both revenue and fill rate. In addition, the publisher was also able to use the new reporting capabilities to get a better understanding of which SSPs were providing the most value.
By using Unified Yield, this publisher was not only able to increase their revenue but also gained valuable insights that will help them make more informed decisions going forward.

If you’re a publisher who is looking for a way to increase your revenue and get better insights into your sales channels, then you should definitely check out Comcast’s FreeWheel unit and their new Unified Yield set of capabilities. With these new tools, you’ll be able to automate optimization across guaranteed, direct IO, and non-guaranteed demand so you can make the most out of your inventory without sacrificing any existing deals.

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