OfferGlobe is an offshore advertising company with multiple registered addressees both in the UK and seemingly in the tax haven of Seychelles.

They provide zero customers support, nor any real world address. Additionally, they seem to have no real employees except a guy out of the UK called “Steve Mandes” who refused to answer questions about his company.  

The name may be a pseudonym for someone else in the industry using “OfferGlobe” as a scam. His facebook profile has no personal photos or any personal information. Additionally, he claims he is not the “owner” but just a VP. 

The company is engaged in offshore marketing in violation of the FTC, and does illegal spam calls to mobile phone and land lines for bankruptcy and lender scams.

A Contact with the FTC has said they have received numerous complaints but are unable to track down the offshore scammers. This seems to be purposely done, so they are not prosecuted or sued.

Additionally, they sell data that is not COPPA complaint, nor follow local and state laws including California Privacy laws. Their Privacy and Tracking Policy does not have an address, nor any contact information making their collection of data potentially illegal.

We can not recommend anyone do business with a company that purposely hides who owns their company, and worse, is offshore.

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