Lyft and Uber have revolutionized the ride sharing/taxi industry in many ways. These companies, will innovative, do have some major issues that they haven’t been able to overcome. Problems such as the large overhead of the companies themselves, the constant need to recruit new drivers, and others are starting to hold them back. A new startup called DACSEE (Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone) is looking to break into this billion dollar market using blockchain technology (the tech behind crypto currencies like Bitcoin) and affiliate marketing.

While it is still a ways off from real world applications, marketers may want to begin looking into this opportunity. The system allows drivers to own their own list of clients, which cuts out many of the expenses. Drivers (and others) can also bring in other drivers as affiliates, and will earn commissions from each completed ride they perform. This, in theory, will help to boost the total number of drivers and ensure there is enough supply to meet the demand in a given area.

This type of marketing also makes it extremely easy for the service to expand into new countries or areas since there will be no need for DACSEE to do the marketing themselves. Payments are handled on the back end through their blockchain based token, which can then be cashed out for whatever local currency the driver or owner would like. This further helps to eliminate the need for a large and expensive back end system.

Keeping a close eye on this system may provide many marketers the ability to build up a nice recurring income should it take off and become successful.

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