Sunday, December 10, 2023

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How to use affiliate links in Pinterest

Pinterest has already been announced the return of affiliate links and the enhancement of its anti-spam system.

About two years ago this platform banned affiliate links because they were being exploited by spammers, and users had to deal with too many pins and links. Pinterest is sure that businessmen and bloggers need a reliable way to share high-quality content.

So how can we use Pinterest to earn more with  Affiliate networks (Admitad)?

First of all, you need an account at Go to the homepage of this social service and sign up in mere minutes. Then for your own convenience install the Google Chrome extension found at the following link:

Before you start posting affiliate links you need to prepare a launching ground. In Pinterest, this can be found at Create Board, which is where images are posted. Check the screenshot to see how this is done.

Let’s look at how to create a Board to earn on the Lamoda offer, which pays 15% of the order price at the moment of publication.

Then a Board appears where we can post images and affiliate links. First, let’s find a dress we’d like to promote on Pinterest.

Let’s choose this one (it might be unavailable after posting).

Using the Pin It button (browser extension) we publish images from the page to our Board.

When you click Save, you will be prompted to choose a Board where the image will be published.

The image is published, but to start earning you still have to do one more thing.

Using the DeepLink Generator, generate an affiliate link to the page with the dress and insert it instead of the direct link.

Add the Pinterest SubID and generate a link that looks like this.

Insert this link instead of the direct Lamoda link —

If you need to replace the link, click Edit

Insert the affiliate link where it says Website and save.

Now you will be able to get from the Pin page to a website via the affiliate link. SubID reports include data on clicks from the Pinterest SubID.

Once your ad space is validated on social media, it is easy to add Pinterest as an ad space.

Good luck earning more with admitad!

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