Multichannel has recently gotten $3 Million in seed money from angel investors in Europe and Asia, which completes their go-to-market funding campaign.  They will be using this capital to help launch an innovative new automated advertising management system.  The system is being pushed as the world’s first fully automated and artificial-intelligence driven platform, and is designed to help businesses and brands of all types streamline their marketing efforts.

As part of the initial launch, they will be offering a free 30 day trial to new customers, allowing them to experience the new system first hand.  By combining a variety of different distribution channels into a single cloud-based interface, they claim that they’ve made it extremely quick and easy to manage even the most advanced and complex advertising campaigns.

Dmitry Fedotov, the CEO of Multichannel, said, “By developing the first 100-percent automated digital-marketing platform, we have not only been able to provide an intuitive and comprehensive universal dashboard but also do so at the lowest price in the industry.  With our knowledge, utilization of accumulated data, advanced optimization and patented technologies – all unique to the industry – we are leading the way for marketers to focus their attention on their essential business goals and values, not time-consuming administrative tasks.”

The system is said to be extremely scalable, allowing it to work well for both small businesses and large, global corporations.  Marketers will start by providing the different marketing channels they use, including the login information for each.  This allows the Multichannel system to access them automatically, without manual intervention each time.  The system then uses innovative, patented, technology to collect and analyze data from all past and current advertising campaign.  This will provide the user with real-time recommendations on how to improve the results of their advertising.

According to the press release, the Multichannel platform will help marketers be able to review results of campaign exposure on a wide range of different platforms, using personalized control panels which focus on results that are important to the customer.  In addition, it will create reports, make adjustments based on currencies, generate and monitor market exposure, perform constant evaluations of customer groups and much more.

Additional information on their product is available on their site,  The press release for this new service can be read HERE.

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