Display advertising this year has become an even larger hit than it was in 2011, and because mobile has been increasing quickly in recent months, mobile display advertising has seen great results. With the adoption of smartphones as an everyday essential in the U.S. for consumers, mobile display advertising has actually become one of the more successful advertising platforms, but still sees far less spending than do other online advertising methods. A new report from eMarketer shows the state of the results that marketers are seeing with mobile display for 2012, and it seems mobile has been successful for most, but less so for many others.

The report from eMarketer is called “Mobile Display Advertising: Aspirations, Revelations and Frustrations,” and below are the results of a survey within the report measuring the levels of success that marketers have had with mobile display advertising.

Success Level of Mobile Ad Investments According to Marketers Worldwide, 2012

  • 4% said that they saw poor results from mobile ads
  • 4% said that their mobile ads were very effective
  • 15% said they were unsure about the success level of their mobile ad investments
  • 27% said their results were good
  • 24% said their results in mobile advertising were moderate
  • 26% said that they saw inconsistent results with mobile ads

So, as can be seen from these results, mobile is definitely proving to be more successful than not, but the amount of people seeing inconsistent results is still a bit too high to call mobile a complete success.

The main goals of mobile marketers are laid out in a chart in an eMarketer article, based on the results from a StrongMail study. StrongMail is an, “enterprise-level, cross-channel, mobile, social and lifecycle marketing email company,” and their research shows that the main goal of 59% of respondents is to increase sales.

According to eMarketer, the overall state of mobile right now looks good. Here is an excerpt from their article that better explains the mobile situation.

“The metrics on mobile look good. Mobile clickthrough rates surpass online advertising norms, even when taking into account accidental clicks. And engagement levels with rich media ads have been shown to deliver significant lift to brand metrics. These positive trends, paired with the steady adoption of smartphones—now in the hands of nearly a majority of US adults—have marketers convinced they need to spend more on mobile display advertising.”

In general, eMarketer reports that mobile is doing well, but the positives of mobile display advertising still are not quite enough to outweigh the negatives by very far. The smaller screens are still causing issues for many brands, and engagement with mobile display is still not quite where marketers want it to be. With inconsistent results still being seen heavily, mobile display still has a long way to go, and growth will undoubtedly continue. Audience targeting and user tracking capabilities are the next step for improvement, and they are thought to be the key to mobile’s overall success in the future.

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