Want High CTRs? Use Video Ads


Online video ads are still far less numerous than television ads, but that does not necessarily mean that they are not turning out to be incredibly successful. More and more people are using digital internet platforms to view their favorite television programs these days, and television sets are not being used like they used to. However, people are definitely still watching videos and television online, and marketing based on this fact is proving to be a perfect decision for digital video marketers. According to a recent study by MediaMind, a provider of digital advertising solutions, digital video advertising shows continuous growth. The study goes into detail on the performance of a few specific video ad types.

The MediaMind study analyzed the performance data from ad formats such as video ad serving templateads better known as VAST, and video player ad interface definition ads (VPAID).

eMarketer has assembled the data from the study into charts, as they tend to do in order to make information more available to the public. Anyway, one chart shows the clickthrough rates for certain internet ad formats from June of this year. Of the formats analyzed, VAST ads received the highest CTR of 2.84%. Significantly behind that on the chart were VPAID ads with a CTR of only 1.63%. Other analyzed formats were rich media with video (.26%), rich media without video (.21%), total rich media (.22%), and the standard banner (.11%).

eMarketer provided the following statistics;

In-stream VAST ads, which had the highest clickthrough rates of any format, showed a long-term increase in clicks since the beginning of 2011. In Q1 of that year, VAST clickthrough rates were 0.77%, rising to 1.3% in Q2 and 1.77% by Q4. Though Q2 of this year showed a slight dip compared with Q1 (down from 3.09% to 3.05%), performance is now holding steadily higher than for other ad formats.

Performance marketing with digital video is gradually starting to click. As can be observed by anyone, the internet is seeing more video and visual content than text these days. Although the numbers that MediaMind has released are not out of this world impressive, they do show that video adverting is a viable way to get clicks.

MediaMind also showed completion rates for VAST, VPAID, and rich media with video. For in-stream VPAID ads, there was a completion rate of 68.14%. For in-stream VAST ads, the completion rate was 66.21%. Finally, for rich media with video, there was a completion rate of (57.87%). With all of these video advertising formats pulling completion rates of over half, it is made clear that videos result in successful performance marketing as of today.

Video will continue to grow on the internet, and as that happens, the performance of specific video advertising formats will get better and better.

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