Official PMI Affiliate Summit East Party List


Honestly, I wanted to do a comprehensive list of the parties, but after looking what was going on, I realized that most of the events are just going to plain suck or be a total waste of time. There is honestly, only a few parties worth going to, and the rest will be a few guys too scared to attend the larger parties, sitting around at some cheap bar hoping to find an escort that doesn’t cost too much.

So here’s a small list of parties that you need to know about:

Adknowledge and CPA WAY Xposure NYC
9m until whatever works for you at LQ Club
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ClickBooth Empire Party with Juvenile
9pm until 2 am at the Hudson Rooftop Garden Club
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EngageBDR Exclusive Party
9pm until Ted passes out drunk @ the Griffin NYC
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So you’re asking me, why not mention affiliate ball? Because they are charging the attendees. Yes, despite getting people in the industry to pay for “sponsorships” for the event, when you show up, you are going to have to pay for drinks. The cost? As much as $20+ per drink, meaning that if you want 3-4 drinks during the night you may as well lay down $100 per person. I can’t imagine what they are thinking, because nothing in my opinion is so lame asking people to attend a party sponsored by companies int he industry, then actually require them to pay. It means its not really “sponsored” because you are paying and footing the bill. The idea of a sponsored party at a convention is that you get to attend for free, because the sponsors want your attention on their brands. Lame.

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