Mobile Has Reached the Top in Media Consumption


The question that presents itself these days is whether or not TV is good for anything in the advertising and marketing world anymore. The numbers for TV ads just do not seem to measure up to the performance that digital media can bring for business. According to InMobi, as reported by Mobile Marketing Watch, PC and Television media consumption just does not measure up to mobile media consumption. Ever since mobile media took off years ago, it has been steadily growing at a fast pace, leaving other media platforms in the dust. We have known for a while that mobile would be the new number one in advertising, and the proof of that theory continues to roll in through studies and research.

InMobi, which is just about the largest independent mobile advertising network in the business, has recently released a U.S. Mobile Media Consumption report for Q2 of 2012. In the past, these reports have not shown quite as significant a lead for mobile media platforms, but this quarter, things are heating up for mobile. With the data from the report, it is absolutely clear that mobile is relentless in its race to the top spot in the digital marketing world.

The most significant piece of information that was released in this report is that mobile now ranks in at first place for media consumption in America. About 2.4 hours out of the average 9 hours per consumer spent consuming media, are spent consuming media on mobile devices. That equals out to about one quarter of the average consuming time per American. TV came in a close (but not close enough) second place with 2.35 hours out of the average 9. Surprisingly, though, PCs only claim 1.6 hours for consuming media, which puts them well below television. That may seem a bit strange, but more people still watch the news before work than go on the computer to learn about the happenings in the world.

Mobile Marketing Watch quotes Anne Frisbie, who is the Vice President and Managing Director of InMobi, as stating;

 We expect the trend of ever increasing media consumption on mobile devices to continue, and even accelerate as advances in mobile rich media deepens user engagement by offering a better overall user experience.Marketers are taking notice and are increasingly investing in mobile to target consumers where they are spending most of their time consuming media.

This news just accentuates how important mobile has become in today’s society, for consumers as well as advertising professionals. People use mobile devices for a large list of reasons, and apparently consuming media has reached a high point on that list. Eventually, mobile will top the charts in many more categories than consuming media, and it will not be long until that happens. It has already proven how useful it can be in advertising, but it continues to improve in reliability for digital marketing professionals. So, when looking for a good spot to place an ad, maybe a digital media outlet should be an important consideration.

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