How to Get More Traffic from YouTube


There’s absolutely no denying that YouTube has the biggest social community that engages in watching online video. Millions upon millions of active users contribute content to the site – uploading approximately one hour of video each second.

This just goes on to show that YouTube is a site that you should leverage to get traffic to your own site. The audience on YouTube can prove to be highly engaged and very responsive – if you give them the right content.

Now, let’s just say that you are able to get their attention and your videos are being watched. How do you convert these viewers into visitors to your website? How do you tempt them to pay a visit to your site and learn more about your offer?

Here are 5 tips to help you get more traffic coming in from YouTube – targeted and highly relevant:

1) Don’t Wait to Introduce Your Website – The reason why you created and uploaded your video to YouTube is to attract targeted visitors back to your site. So why delay in introducing your site to your viewers? Make sure you have your website listed right in the beginning of the video. It’s more like having a ‘branded intro’ so that your viewers know about your site.

2) Mention Your Brand Name – YouTube is a great place to upload videos to educate your viewers and presell your product. People like learning stuff – as long as you’re not selling them. If you are creating such video content then try to weave in your brand name into the script. Make it appear natural and non-hyped.

3) Leverage Annotations – If you want to get real, valuable traffic from YouTube, you need to think long term. This allows you to try out tactics that most tend to ignore – such as pushing your viewers to your other videos on YouTube. This can be done by including annotations in your videos which can be linked to other relevant YouTube videos. This helps you build a relationship with your viewers and gives them a reason to subscribe to your channel.

4) Create a Compelling Description – Every video that you upload to YouTube should have a compelling description that clearly explains what the video is about. This helps your target audience find your video on the web and lets you insert a link to your website or blog. See to it that your site’s link is mentioned right in the first sentence of the description. Apart from this, you should also have a convincing description for your YouTube channel so that people actually feel compelled to subscribe to it.

5) Have a Clear Ending – The way your video ends should leave an impact on the viewer. You need to have clear ending with a proper call to action, where you ask your viewers to visit to your site. Also, don’t end your video right away – give your viewers the time to read and note down your site’s URL.

What do you do to get more YouTube traffic to your site? Go ahead and comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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