Adteractive Goes Under, No One Will Be Paid


Once one of the top “email submit” and freebie companies in the world, boasting a reported tens of millions of dollars a month, has announced that they will be closing their doors. Adteractive, which was behind many of the freebie offers that were often called “email” or “zip submits” sent a letter to all networks announcing that they would not be paid on owed money, and not to expect to be paid anytime in the near future.

Adteractive was once billed as one of the top Performance Marketing agencies, since 2000, and its founders were known to live an opulent lifestyle, buying huge houses, driving expensive cars and throwing famous parties. However, in 2007 they lost a lawsuit with the FTC that alleged that the freebie, “email submit” offers were extremely fraudulent and used deceptive methods to promote them.

The failure of Adteractive is expected to significantly affect more than a few CPA Networks that have depended not only on the ongoing income from their offers, but are owed money from the company.  According to a letter sent, the networks and affiliates are not going to be paid ever.

Letter is below

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