Pinterest Bigger Than Twitter When it Counts.


It’s official, Pinterest is really taking over the world. Despite being less than two year old, Pinterest is becoming one of the top sources for referral traffic. Finding from Shareaholic show that Pinterest now has 1.05% of all referral traffic on the web, while Twitter Holds .82%, even though twitter is significantly bigger.

This conclusion comes from the analytics of over 200,000 publishers that reach 270 million unique visitors each month and recorded where they were getting traffic from when posting referral links.

What is also more interesting is that Pinterest creates more traffic for people than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube Combined.

While Twitter is still trying to figure how they can effectively monetize all those users, Pinterest on the other hand is great increasing in size, according to Alexa.

What makes this Alexa chart really interesting is that while Pinterest has already outpaced Twitter in referrals, it’s only 1/5th the size of twitter on a good day. I can only imagine that when it grows larger, how much traffic it will create for those that can effectively use it. Of course, if Twitter set any example, as the more people get on a product, the ratio of junk to usable messaging vastly decreases.

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