How to Use Facebook to Build Your Email List


Ever considered leveraging Facebook to build your mailing list? Facebook is a powerful social platform that can be used to add more subscribers to your email list. Since most of the Internet users hang out on Facebook it shouldn’t be hard for you to build a targeted email list by reaching out to your preferred audience using it.

What follows are a six effective tips to help you grow your email list using Facebook:

#1: Get Prospects to Like Your Opt-in Page: By simply installing a Facebook “Like Button” on your opt-in page, you increase the chances of getting people to join your page. This is one of the most obvious things you can do to boost Facebook traffic to your opt-page.

#2: Add an Opt-in Form to Your Page: Many Internet marketers are adding an opt-in form to a tab on their Facebook page. The key here is to create a strong opt-in page with an appealing incentive to get a higher conversion rate. Also, make sure you don’t go overboard with it because you don’t want your prospects getting confused. Be clear with your call to action.

#3: Promote Your Page Using Facebook Ads: Advertising on Facebook is a cheap way to drive laser targeted prospects to your page and have them fill out your opt-in form. And it has been proven that Facebook ads convert the best when you direct the ad generated traffic to your fan page. However, don’t be hasty in your approach – start small and test out a few ad campaigns before you scale.

#4: Update Your Fans About Your Opt-in Offer: This is one of the simplest ways to make the most out of your existing Facebook fans. People are always looking out to get updates from the page they like. The way to make this tactic work out for you is to consistently deliver value to your fans without too much self-promotion. The more balance you maintain between the offers you send out and the actually value that you deliver, the better it is.

#5: Have a Strong Call to Action: If you’re planning to convert your fans into email subscribers, you should have an effective call to action on your page. Let them know very clearly what they will get if they subscribe to your list. Make sure your incentive is powerful enough to drive their interest and get them curious. Lay out the benefits they get out of joining your list. If possible include testimonials from your current prospects/customers for social proof. All of this contributes to a call to action that actually gives results.

#6: Use Facebook Connect: This is something worth testing because different markets respond differently. The niche that you’re targeting may be more inclined towards joining through Facebook rather than joining your email list.  Besides that, when you build a large following on Facebook, you can in turn drive targeted traffic to your email opt-in page.

Do you use Facebook to increase your email subscribe base? We’d love to hear your ideas! Please share them in the comments section below.

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