Too Many CPA Affiliate Networks or Not?


Does it seem that every single week there is another network popping up with a stupider name than the last one? With all the press about how CPA Affiliate Networks are making money for everyone and their grandma, it seems that a lot of affiliates are turning to making their own networks. With the ability of almost anyone to now create a half-ass website, and then signup for a CPA networks software, everyone seems to want a CPA Network. Despite that, there are a lot of good reasons to want more CPA Networks, right?

Here’s a few pro and cons of all these new CPA Networks.

Perhaps one of the obvious things is that a new network will allow for more competition and in theory raise the prices for the affiliates. If networks know that any affiliate can jump from network A to network B, then they are more likely to give a better price. Seems like affiliates win, no?
Con: Half of the networks are jokes and run out of the back of a Chinese Delivery joint in Arizona.  They can’t get advertisers, so they are piggybacking, often without permission on other networks, so if they have a higher price then they are most likely scrubbing those leads before you are paid.

More networks means that you are going to get better tools, more opportunities from some smart super-affiliate who set up a network to share his secrets. These new networks often develop new technology with their networks (ala CPAWAY, PointClickTrack, Adscend Media) and it allows affiliates to make more money without.
Con: Ok, let’s be honest: Anyone can sign up for HasOffers now and start a network. The guy at the other end isn’t always a super-affiliate and probably failed his last Frank Kern course, but realized he could try to make money with his own CPA Network.

Better Offers
Pro: In theory, more networks should be more offers, better offers. As the networks publicize them out there, more and more people turn to performance marketing and the networks should have better offers. These companies network with the advertisers, bring them on board and affiliates benefit enormously.
Con: In reality, a lot of the networks don’t look for any offers, and just find crap that falls in their lap. If you need another email submit offer that has been re-branded to look like its new, then CPAFooz is the network for you. As for networking, the CPA network owners idea of networking is getting on some message board and calling his competition “a bitch” and then going to Jack-in-the-Box to try to pick up the high school girl at the cash register with the $50 he just made on your offer.

Faster Payouts.
Pro: Great news is that more and more networks are paying out faster and faster, allowing affiliates to run campaigns smoother. No more worrying about cashflow, because you have a cyber-sugar-daddy whose paying your bills when Facebook wants your credit card.
Con: CPAOffirz is run out of some guy named Vinny who graduated middle school last month and is spending all the cash he makes on He stole the icon that says weekly payments from another website, and he thinks it means that weekly he goes out and buys another cubic-zirconium necklace and thinks that he is the white answer to Flavor Flav.

What's your opinion?