Making a Holiday Gift Guide


t’s starting to get towards the holidays, and as an affiliate or affiliate network, you need to start thinking about holiday offers. Instead of charging you $2,500 to sign up for my non-existent DVD list, I’m going to give you several great ideas of how you can, as an affiliate (or get your affiliates) to make money this holiday season, plus some ideas of where you can make this work.

1)      First of all you need to create a Kids Holiday Gift Guide. This is extremely important. Get a simple domain like or something similar. This will be the basis of whatever you do, and it’s important. The webpage should look holiday like, put a bunch of gifts, trees, Santa Claus, toys and a sign up form in the middle “Get the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide with links to where to buy the hottest gifts”

2)      First of all, sign up for an associate program at yes, the 4-6% that you get isn’t that great, but you are only going to use this as a way to get people in the door and make initial money.

3)      Sign up for PeerFly affiliate network.

4)      Here are the top gifts for 2010 that you need to include.

  1. XBOX Kinnect – you want to promote the full console and the feature. The reason is simple, many people will buy the whole thing for their kid and family, and it’s a high level price. You want to talk a bunch about the XBOX Kinnect, and remind people that it’s the hottest gift this season.
  2. CrazyCritters – Get this from Peerfly, offer 1306. It’s not really one of the top gifts, but since the others are, they will trust you that it is, plus it has a high CPA in comparison
  3. Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS. –  mention this is hard to find and that Amazon has a 12% discount on the product!
  4. Dotza Coloring Pens’ At Peerfly 1108
  5. American Dolls are always huge: american doll
  6. Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster’ by Fisher-Price
  7. Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck’ by Mattel
  8. Zhu Zhu Pets are huge again this year Kung Zhu Pets: Toys & Games

You are going to keep the list small, because the main amount of money will not be made on amazon, but instead emailing them in the future with other offers. If you this right however you will make at least 100% from the first mailing on the names that you collect.

5)      You also need to sign up for an autoresponder company, if you haven’t done already. I recommend AWEBER. Signup with this link and it will cost you only one dollar to try out.

6)      You are going to want to pull offer 1740 from Peerfly which is the xbox kinnect giveaway zip/email submit

7)      In your auto responder, set it so that a day later you are going to send an email to anyone who subscribes telling them that you noticed they were interested in this product and you found this site that is giving them away. This will result in a very high CTR and conversion rate – why? Because even if they weren’t interested, they will be because you showed them the day before about this product.

8)      Segment your audience based on their clicks – this is very important. If your subscribers clicked on links for girls items, put that in a separate list from those who clicked on boy’s items.

9)      You have made a list that most likely you can email over and over again and make some good income. In coming days I will show you some boys & girls affiliate programs, with specific offers you can mail in the future. Check out peerfly, you will want to mail your lists based on toy items you find there, and on Amazon, at least once a week with a new product until the holidays.

10)   Sign up for 7Search here. If you sign up with this, they will match the first $100, so yo uwill get $200 worth of credits. Right now there are almost NO Toys, ToysRUs, Christmas Gift type keywords. Use these. Obviously you can use other search engines – but you want to acquire the new signups to your guide as fast as possible, cheap as possible. Each signup should be under $2.00 CPA preferably.

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