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ADTECH New York has come and gone, and what did we learn this year? Same thing we learned every year: that there are more and more companies entering the space and thus there is more and more need for tools to help weed out the junk. Despite the huge influx of companies in the space, there is a huge growth in new offers in the market plus a continued interest in some oldies.

Peerfly has suddenly become the king of Netflix in the last several months, and is the main source for this still very popular offer. While it’s very hard to get approved to run Netflix, Peerfly founder and CEO Chad French tells me that there is always room for premium networks. Just in case you can’t be approved by Peerfly, there is always the Dandingo offer version of this, just a little bit cheaper.

For the UK space, there are some great Netflix competitors, including ILoveFilm.  Always beautiful Samantha Brachat, the head of the Neverblue mega network tells me that this is becoming one of their most popular offers. There is even a Danish version of the offer! If you happen to have Aussie visitors, Azoogle… sorry, Epic Direct has the BigPond offer which distributes all the great American movies dubbed with really sexy Australian accents.

With the closing of SwipeAuctions, there is a huge need for other affiliate offers in the space. BidCactus is running strong on Ad Angler and PointClickTrack at the same prices. Another company that I hear converts really well is BidSauce which can be found at a really good price at ProfitKingsMedia or Affillion. All of these convert, and the penny auction space is still growing and huge, despite some issues with scammers out there promoting some really bad offers in the space. Stick with the good companies and you’ll be ok.

The dating scene is getting bigger and still more profitable. The reason behind this is simple: more and more people are getting on the internet and because of that they have less time to actually date. Similarly, the stigma regarding online dating has changed so it’s no longer considered weird to have an online dating account.  Large dating sites like still dominate the space but there is a fast growing niche dating industry that can be quite profitable.

Yes, Granny is on the internet looking to get lucky at Senior People Meeting from Qwik Media. Similarly, if you like a little cushion, there is a wide variety of BBW dating services (that means Big Beautiful Women, for those who aren’t aficionados of the more rotund gals) including BBW Personals. If you looking to mix and match, SinglesNet also offers a really good BBW landing page, says Ryan Eagle of EWA.

If you looking for the long sale but to make a lot of money, there are the high cost of sale dating sites out there like Ashley Madison. Specifically for guys looking for the lonely stay at home mom or the really stressed secretary, Ashley Madison is a great offer offer at Neverblue or TractatusMedia. YeahCPA has an exclusive free trial version of this offer that seems interesting also. Of course, if you prefer out of the Country gals, there is always Yes, the Russian gals are gorgeous but you’ll probably need the Babylon translation tool to have any idea what she is saying. If you are promoting that, why not also promote the STD Express tool, for all the at-home STD testing you could need. Just incase something does show up and you need to get rid of it, there is Wartrol, the at home genital wart removal tool. Seriously, they are real offers and they match perfectly.

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