GumGum Achieves MRC Accreditation for Verity™ Platform


GumGum, a leading global digital advertising platform, has announced a new accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its contextual intelligence platform, Verity™. The MRC has granted Verity™ a new accreditation for the measurement of English-language content-level classification and URL reporting through the Verity™ API for Connected TV (CTV). This new accreditation adds to GumGum’s existing MRC accreditations, which include classification and reporting for desktop and mobile web.

“The addition of accredited content-level classification for CTV to GumGum’s existing MRC accreditations is a noteworthy achievement,” said George W. Ivie, the Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “It speaks to GumGum’s commitments to both transparency and innovation, and we’re pleased that advertisers and others now have the benefit of an MRC-accredited solution to help them navigate this critical emerging space.”

Verity’s content-level capabilities go beyond current solutions that rely on video metadata. It conducts frame-by-frame analysis to provide a comprehensive and human-like understanding of CTV content. This allows advertisers to target users dynamically in contextually-relevant and brand safe environments at scale. The accreditation also provides exceptional content monetization for CTV publishers through superior inventory alignment with advertisers in a privacy-forward solution.

“GumGum is committed to providing transparent and trustworthy solutions that will herald advertisers into the digital-first age. This additional accreditation from the MRC will now ensure that advertisers looking to engage with audiences in CTV environments can do so safely and with unparalleled precision,” said Peter Wallace, General Manager, EMEA, at GumGum.

Connected TV is set to be one of the fastest-growing environments for digital advertising. A study conducted by GumGum and MAGNA Global found that ads placed with insights that go beyond metadata create a 12 percent stronger alignment between an ad and a video. The study also found that video ads placed on a content level were 2.3 times more memorable than video ads placed using only metadata or property-level capabilities.

“It still shocks me that the norm in advertising is to choose to partner with providers who have limited third-party validation,” said Phil Schraeder, CEO of GumGum. “Why would we not do the same for protecting our brand and advertising dollars? CTV is looking to have an explosive year in 2023, and now with our MRC content-level accreditation for CTV, advertisers and publishers alike can confidently partner with us to advance their brand safety and advertising strategies.”

To earn MRC accreditation, an independent CPA firm completed a comprehensive audit and review of GumGum’s systems and processes to ensure Verity met the MRC’s rigorous standards. However, during the accreditation process, no testing was done for GumGum’s content-level mobile in-app capabilities, and GumGum was denied in-app accreditation. The accreditation only applies to English-language content at this time and is not applicable to mobile in-app.

GumGum’s In-Video product, a patented overlay ad unit for OTT and CTV streams, is currently available across North America and will be available in the EMEA region at a later date.

Overall, GumGum’s new MRC accreditation for Verity™ demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and innovation in the digital advertising space. Advertisers and publishers can now partner

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