Who is Jeremi Gorman?


Jeremi Gorman is the President of Worldwide Advertising at Netflix. She joined Netflix in September 2022 and is responsible for leading the company’s advertising initiatives globally. Before joining Netflix, Gorman was the Chief Business Officer at Snap Inc. where she played a crucial role in turning the company into an internet advertising powerhouse.

Gorman’s career in advertising began at Amazon where she served in various leadership roles, including the Head of Global Field Sales for Amazon Advertising and the Head of Advertising Sales for North America. During her time at Amazon, she was known for her innovative marketing strategies, such as partnering with Universal Pictures to put images of the Minion characters on Amazon delivery boxes to promote the upcoming movie.

Before her stint at Amazon, Gorman worked as the Director of Advertising Sales at Yahoo and as the Director of Sales at Variety Magazine. She also served as the Marketing Communications Manager at MonsterTRAK.com and Monster.com.

Gorman has been credited with bringing growth back to Netflix’s advertising business, which had been struggling. Despite not disclosing subscriber numbers, she has stated that she is pleased with the growth in the company’s ad-supported tier since its launch.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Gorman is known for her adventurous spirit. She has gone hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, driven a race car in Dubai, and tried Jet Skiing in the Maldives.

However, a recent Kantar report has shown that Netflix’s “Basic with Ads” plan, which Gorman is overseeing, may not be performing as well as the company had hoped. The report shows that the “Basic with Ads” tier now accounts for only 12% of Netflix’s subscriber base and that the new tier has not attracted as many new subscribers as expected.

Despite these challenges, Gorman is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the advertising industry. Her diverse background, innovative ideas, and adventurous spirit make her a valuable asset to the Netflix team as they continue to expand their advertising offerings.

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