Who is Victoria Vaynberg of Zola?


For years, the wedding industry has been stuck in the past, relying on outdated traditions and refusing to move with the times. That all changed last November when CMO Victoria Vaynberg took charge and began spearheading a much-needed rebrand. Under her leadership, Zola has introduced an influencer ambassador program, launched a successful TikTok strategy, and completely reimagined what a wedding can be.

Vaynberg wasted no time making her mark on Zola. She quickly identified that the biggest problem facing the wedding industry was its refusal to change with the times. “What we’re seeing out in the universe today is that there’s all kinds of weddings; there’s no rules,” she said. “People are not bound to what we would say are the traditions of the past.” Armed with this insight, Vaynberg set out to completely reinvent the way we think about weddings.

Zola launched its influencer ambassador program, teaming up with popular social media influencers to promote the brand to soon-to-be-wed couples. This groundbreaking initiative changed the way couples think about planning their big day. No longer restricted by outdated traditions, couples are now free to let their personalities shine through and plan a wedding that truly reflects who they are as a couple. And judging by the success of the program—with more than 2 million couples using Zola—it’s clear that this new approach is here to stay.

So what exactly is an influencer ambassador? Influencer ambassadors are social media users with a large following who have been chosen to promote Zola to their followers. These influencers typically post about their weddings or share wedding planning tips on their social media channels, with a link back to Zola’s website. In exchange for their promotion, influencer ambassadors receive a commission on any sales they generate.

Next on Vaynberg’s list was launching a TikTok strategy. With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms around. And Vaynberg knew that if Zola wanted to stay relevant, it needed to be where the people were—so she launched a dedicated TikTok account (@zolaweddings) and started producing original content that resonated with users. The results have been impressive, to say the least, with Zola becoming one of the most popular TikTok accounts in the wedding industry.

It all starts with the content. When you’re scrolling through TikTok, you’re bombarded with videos of people lip-syncing, dancing, and generally just acting silly. But that’s not what Zola set out to do—they wanted to produce quality content that would appeal to their target audience: engaged couples planning their weddings. And that’s exactly what they did. From tips on how to pick the perfect wedding venue to fun ideas for engagement photos, Zola’s TikTok account is chock-full of helpful content that couples can actually use.

But it’s not just the content itself that makes Zola’s TikTok account so successful—it’s also the way that it’s presented. All of Zola’s videos are shot in a clean, modern style with high-quality production value. They’ve also nailed the use of on-screen text and graphics to drive home key points and help their videos stand out in a sea of poorly lit phone footage. In other words, Zola’s TikTok videos look like they could easily be part of a glossy wedding magazine ad campaign—and that level of polish goes a long way with users who are used to seeing DIY content from regular people.

Thanks to CMO Victoria Vaynberg, Zola is leading the charge in reinventing the wedding industry. Through innovative initiatives like its influencer ambassador program and successful TikTok strategy, Zola is helping couples break free from outdated traditions and plan weddings that reflect their unique personalities and styles. With more than 2 million couples using Zola, it’s clear that this new approach is here to stay.

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