According to John Monarch, the CEO of the now defunct Bitcoin company Shipchain, a criminal mastermind by the name of Illya Sheptrik aka “Ilya,” who goes by Ilya S, Ilya BLT, Ilya Putin, and many other aliases, is behind a major blackmail and extortion racket that has pervaded the Affiliate Marketing industry for almost 10 years and has even ensnared Affiliate Summit Founder Missy Ward, a known friend of this accused criminal.

According to USA Herald, owned by Richard Goreman who has filed a lawsuit against John Monarch, this criminal enterprise may extend as far into the Canadian Government, where Illya Shpetrik’s brother works.

Who exactly is Illya Shpetrik? Photos of him and various figures in the affiliate industry show that many, many people were aware of his identity while he was engaged in attempted blackmail and extortion of several individuals which resulted in criminal complaints filed in Pennsylvania, California and Nevada against several pseudonyms of his.

Photo provided by John Monarch in discovery of Shpetrik using the pseudonym Ilya Putin.
In this photo, Illya Shpetrik is spending time with his former girlfriend Kira Basciano. Illy refers to himself as “Ilya Putin” here.
In this photo Illya Shpetrtk is standing with the co-founder of the Affiliate Summit conference, Missy Ward. The photo credit that Ward listed on her blog is accredited to “Ilya BLT”
In this photo Shpetrik gets tagged by friend and co-worker at Wholesome Goods, Marty Sullens.
Photo of Shpetrik going by the Ilya Putin pseudonym.
John Monarch, co-defendant of Illya’s, provided this picture with Shpetrik and Monarch at a trade show together.

In federal court, which is closely being followed by the US Department of Justice’s Philadephia offices according, John Monarch outlined and expose of the criminal enterprise, claiming he was unaware what was going on. 

According to the USAHearald: “Shpetrik is a 31-year-old graduate of the University of Toronto that works in the affiliate marketing industry, deals in cryptocurrency, and is alleged to have had involvement in a number of impersonations of people on the web.  He also worked as a former IT manager at York University.

John Monarch, who is facing trial in the Gorman blackmail case, outed Ilya Shpetrik to Gorman’s lawyers.   Monarch is claiming that Shpetrik was behind the blackmail of Gorman and is the sole person responsible.”

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