Sure, Google has some of the greatest tools for search marketing that can be found on the web, but that surely is not the only reason that so many marketers flock to the company to advertise their brands, businesses, and products. To put it simply, people like to advertise with Google because of the enormous amount of search traffic that the company sees on a daily basis. The amount of queries that Google receives each day is far more than anyone could find with other search engines, making the company the perfect place to create search advertisements. However, Google’s query number may not be quite what marketers think it is. It is not as if Google has lied about their numbers, but marketers may not be quite clear with where these search queries are coming from.

Google, of course, receives billions upon billions of queries in any given month, but according to Nikesh Arora, who is senior vice president as well as chief business officer at Google, says that half of these billions of queries come from partners of Google, and not Google itself. This was stated during a talk with Liz Gannes of AllThingsD during the Dive Into Media conference that just recently took place.

This is really not a statistic that many people found it a need to consider, but it is quite interesting and relevant to search marketers. If half of Google’s queries are not even happening on Google’s search engine itself, marketers are not reaching nearly as many searchers as they originally thought. Obviously, the number of queries entered into Google itself is still enormous, but it has essentially just been cut in half.

There are a lot of companies that use Google to supply their websites and online businesses with search functions, and apparently Google takes the searches that occur on these sites into account with their totals. It is completely justified that they would do this, but a separate statistic would help marketers gauge exactly what they are dealing with. This number includes searches from mobile partners as well.

Also, at the conference, Nikesh Arora elaborated a bit about his expectations of things to come in the near future for online marketing. He stated that he believes that about half of all advertising will be on the web in at least the next five years. However, what he did not elaborate on was the new Enhanced Campaigns from Google, which we all had hoped to hear something about.

This information does not change much, but it is definitely something that Google search marketers should not be without knowing. Google’s own search engine still remains the most popular search engine around, and still receives countless queries each day, so marketers can still rest easy that they are reaching a large number of searchers. So, I suppose whatever Google’s query number is reported as, we can take into consideration that marketers really only deal with half of them.

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