Affiliate Summit and The Post-PC World

Walking around Affiliate Summit this week I noticed that one of the main recurring themes and topics of discussion was in regard to mobile marketing.  How should publishers monetize their traffic?  What mobile advertising mediums are advertisers pursuing?  What are top ROI driven mobile marketing strategies?  While I can’t answer all of these questions, I would like to lend some insight into what we are seeing as a digital marketing agency when it comes to mobile marketing.

To start off, let me first define the phrase mobile marketing and briefly explain the mobile landscape.  Mobile marketing refers to marketing in a moving fashion and the term can be applied to marketing on smartphones and tablets.   According to Comscore there are over 100 million smartphone users in the US and based on a forecast from eMarketer, the number of US tablet owners will more than double from 33.7 million to nearly 70 million in 2012.

While it might seem to be taking advertisers some time to incorporate mobile marketing into their campaign mix, mobile marketing is actually the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry up by 149 percent in 2011 to $1.6 billion.

As consumers are utilizing mobile devices in addition to, but also in many cases in lieu of, a desktop or laptop it is important for publishers to adapt their practices for this medium and look to monetize their traffic for users who are using mobile devices.  As is the growing theme in the performance space, the more transparency and information that you can provide, the more appealing you are to advertisers.

By continuing to learn more about the unique marketing tools that mobile devices provide including click to call, app installs, QR codes and SMS messaging and the unique challenges that mobile devices present, the better everybody will be prepared for the coming of the Post-PC World.

Dinesh Boaz
Dinesh Boaz co-founded Direct Agents, a full service digital marketing agency, in 2003. As an entrepreneur and visionary, Dinesh was committed to developing a company that provided the highest level of customer service and customized digital marketing solutions for leading brand advertisers.

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